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Corporate philosophy


Change society through the power of chemistry

Contribute to the sustainable development of global society by creating functions required of the times as an advanced material partner


Passionate & Results-Driven
By taking pride and passion to our work,
By focusing our strengths and performance,
We will become a globally recognized top player.
Open Minds & Open Connections
By showing mutual trust and respect,
By collaborating openly beyond boundaries,
We will co-create new value with all stakeholders.
Agile & Flexible
By learning through trial-and-error,
By thinking flexibly and acting swiftly,
We will transform into a dynamic organization.
Solid Vision & Solid Integrity
We truly recognize the power and potential of chemistry,
We prioritize sustainability for future generations,
We commit to upholding our values of integrity to all stakeholders and ethics in developing chemical technologies.


The Resonac Group positions the concept of sustainability as an essential component of management in order to change society through the power of chemistry, based on our purpose. As part of strengthening our business execution system, we have established Sustainability Vision 2030. We have also identified key sustainability issues (materiality) to be addressed as we approach 2030 and are working to raise awareness of these issues throughout the company.
Resonac Gas Products also shares this Sustainability Vision 2030. Through concrete initiatives based on the materiality identified, we too are striving to achieve Sustainability Vision 2030 and cultivate a sustainability mindset in our employees based on our purpose and values.
The following is Sustainability Vision 2030. For more details, please visit the Resonac official website.

Sustainability Vision 2030
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Quality Guideline

  • To supply steadily the products which ensure "customer satisfaction and reliability."
  • To aim at being able to respond to any request from the customers regarding the product quality.
  • To promote in-house activities which meet the requirements of the quality management system and improve its effectiveness continuously.
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Environmental Guideline

  • 1.We make efforts to harmonize with the environment to contribute to a healthy social development.
  • 2.We recover carbon dioxide which is by product of the chemical plants/oil refinery plants and make effective use of it. In the manufacturing processes of our major products including liquefied carbon dioxide, dry ice and sterilization gas, we pay due consideration to the prevention of environmental pollution, reduction of waste matters and environmental load, energy conservation and environmental improvement.
  • 3.We strictly observe the environment related laws and regulations and other requirements and set the voluntary control standards with economic efficiency taken into account, within a technically workable range in order to contribute to improvement of the environment.
  • 4.Of the effects of our business activities on the environment, we give higher priority to the following items and review them periodically to address preservation of the environment and prevention of pollution.
    • 1.Reduced loss rate in the production and shipment processes of carbon dioxide gas.
    • 2.Improved waste gas treatment in the sterilization gas manufacturing process.
    • 3.Reduced amount of waste matters and enhanced recycling.
    • 4.Overall efficiency of energy use, including private power generation.
    • 5.Reduced discharge amount in chlorofluorocarbon gas and promotion of change to alternative refrigerant.
  • 5.The environment guideline will be publicized at request.