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Industrial Freezers

  • FREEZER196 Type 445
  • FREEZER196 Type 666
Industrial Freezers


FREEZER 196 is designed to quickly refrigerate the cooling objects by using a refrigerant such as liquefied carbon dioxide (L-CO2, -78°C), liquid nitrogen(L-N2, -196°C). It can simplify processing at difficult very-low temperature in the electricity-type refrigerator. Use of FREEZER 196 allows sub-zero treatment, cooling fit, low-temperature material test efficiently and economically.


  • Customer Specification

    Based on the standard specification, FREEZER 196 is designed with the specification meeting the customer's needs.
    Type 445 (inner size: 40 x 40 x 50 cm)
    Type 666 (inner size: 60 x 60 x 60 cm)
    (Please contact other size)
  • Quick Cooling

    FREEZER 196 can easily very-low temperature cooling, even as for the temperature that is difficult in the electricity-type refrigerator.
    Liquefied carbon dioxide : TO -70°C
    liquid nitrogen : TO -130°C
    (The Special version can cool down to under -130°C)
  • The durability and heat insulation

    Both interior and exterior of the freezers are made of stainless steel to ensure durability. Use of highdensity foaming polyurethane provides excellent heat insulation. It suppresses invasion of outside heat and saves gas.
  • Automatic Hold of Desired Low Temperature

    A built-in automatic refrigerant blaster holds your desired low temperature. It allows economical and swift work, considering low-temperature character of the cooling objects.
  • Low Material Failure Rate and High Safety

    When used in cooling fit work, etc., the FREEZEr 196 prevents physical damage on the materials and ensures extremely high work safety, compared with other fitting works, thus greatly reducing the cost.
  • High Work Efficiency

    Easy cooling process hardly requires manpower to provide extremely high work efficiency. FREEZER 196, equipped with a automatic take out device (option), further improves work efficiency.


※Dimensions:Protruding part(s)not included.
Type 445
Type 666
Power supply AC200V 50/60Hz 3phase
(WxDxH mm)
Inside 400x400x500 600x600x600
Outside 1050x700x830 1250x900x930
Materials Inside SUS-304
Outside SUS-304
Heat insulator High density polyurethane foam


  • Program temperature controller

    It can control temperature by an elapsed time in a cooling process.
    It is most suitable for exact cooling. As an example, cases to have to cool an object uniformly.
  • heater

    Control to raise temperature is enabled.
  • Automatic take out device

    It saves operation time, because the take out of the object becomes easy.

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Precautions for Handling the FREEZER 196

  • Use gloves to handle the cooling objects, for prevention of frostbite.
  • Liquid nitrogen, please use a liquid gas container (LGC).
  • Liquefaction carbon dioxide, it can use the cylinder with siphon, but the better is to use LGC having high cooling efficiency.
  • Fix the cylinder so that it will not fall down.
  • When connecting the cylinder to FREEZER 196, clean and check the conduit joint for foreign substances.
  • Operate(open/close) a cylinder valve safety and securely.